Little things in life

Sometimes the little things in life make it just a bit better so here is a mention to all the things that people do that make my life better.

  1. Maddy and Eliza for the morning doorbell shanagons (they like to ring my doorbell several times and sometimes even when I have already opened the door!)
  2. Eliza for being my head rest for my pre school naps on the train!
  3. Harriet for smiling at me when I come in the room
  4. For my sis for not getting too annoyed at me when I am in a annoying mood.
  5. My mum for attacking me with cuddles in the mornings…and evenings
  6. For the little things that you do Maddy that make me smile (lama juice!)
  7. For Eliza when we have several cookies…
  8. For Sophie for chats about pancakes!
  9. For Saskia who makes my hair look sassy and takes my pom bears.
  10. For Charlotte, Saskia,Eliza, Sophie and Harriet for being my friends no matter what.

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