Winter tips

This winter I have though up some do’s and don’ts and I though I would share them with you…


Do !!
Wrap up with several layers of wooly hats,scarves,and gloves stay warm or go home 🙂
Drink several hot drinks…a day .
Buy an electric blanket ( who does’t want to go to bed to find it toasty warm)
Carry a lip balm in your bag, pocket, coat, jeans, car, socks…..maybe not but you get the idea.
Get the onsie on immediately after getting home.

Don’t !!
Lick your lips…however tempting grab the lip balm.
Shy on getting out there. Brace the whether rain or shine!
Forget to moisturise. Nobody wants dry skin.
Forget to eat a filling breakfast even if you are really late grab something!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful winter wherever you are!



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