Start of a new chapter

Hi guys, recently I left scouts 😦  I must say Friday evenings are not ever going to be the same!  I am obviously very sad to leave my group and see less of all the scouts I have grown to love being around.  If you are considering going to scouts I can’t erge you enough to give it a go. I had the best 4 years. Filled with fun, laughter,  new friends and learning new skills, I wouldn’t change those years for anything.

I must say I find it very hard to think that I was an annoying little 10 year old who started scouts rather shy soon to learn how to fit in where in a place that if you have to say something you might have to yell “HEY LISTEN” if you actually want anyone to listen! It was of course helped with some firm friends. Sophie I wish I could turn the clock back and do it all again with you. When we didn’t worry about GCSE’s,makeup or  outfit choices judging by some frightful pictures of me! You will always be the one I text in block caps when a major disaster happens. This is just thanks for the times you made me laugh, cheered me up, consoled me and gave me a hug when I just need a Sophie cuddle. It is also a reminder that even though we won’t see each other as much you still have to do all of the above!!!

Sophie made scouts  enjoyable for me but it wouldn’t be the same without lots of other people. Maisie you finally have time to go to all those parties! Niamh I am sorry for constantly taking selfies on your phone (I’m not!) And all the others; Will, Jack, Tom,Ben, Bushy (melons),shannon (moo) ,Ronan,Izzy, Abi, and Megan (ginger ninja!) Sorry if i missed you off it want intentional!

I of course have to say a big thank you to my scout leader, Deadwood (david) thanks for 4 years of fun and something to look forward to at the end of the week! So scouts has finished but a here is to a  new chapter. I have started volunteering at beavers and love working with them (they are sooo cute). Much love to my troup ( 1st Ripley)




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