Birthday Haul and Topshop

I have been very busy lately so I have not got round to posting but I found a spare 20 mins to write this for you lovelies! Recently I have had lots of tests and other work that has dominated my life a bit but here I am and a couple of days ago it was by birthday so I thought I would tell you about what I got.

I didn’t really want much for my birthday so I got quite a lot of topshop vouchers and an amazon voucher ( which is a good thing!). I did get the only thing I really asked for which was a waffle machine 🙂  I haven’t used it yet but I assure that I will give you a full update when I do. I also got some cute little stickers for my planner and the most adorable notebook!

Going back to topshop I have been pleasantly surprised by the addition to their website. If you visit it you can do a short quiz and they actually put together clothes they think you will like! I find this so useful and love the clothes they pop together. This is great when you have vouchers and you are not completely sure what you want or even just browsing!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes on instagram



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