My book recommendations

“A book is a gift you can open again and again”
Garrison Keillor


I love to read and I feel like I have read an awful lot of books recently and they were all great books that I recommend to any one who has not already read them so…

The Surgeon- Tess Gerritsen
A book for thriller lover. Gory and gripping it is not one for before bed. I love this book.

Girl Online- Zoe Sugg
This one is for more of a love story about a girl who is struggling with anxiety. This book is very inspiring.

Tell me no lies- Malorie Blackman
Such a powerful book. This book get you thinking about things as simple as family.

The recruit- Robert Muchermore
This book is a amazing tale of child spies.  Its so detailed it get you wishing you could be there. We can always hope…

The princess diaries- Meg Cabot
This series is hilarious and you can totally relate to some of the situations that the main character Mia goes through!

I hope one of these 5 books caught your eye and I hope you enjoy reading.
Happy reading



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